LOGOS VI: THE TELEGRAPH. From the collection of the OTE Telecommunications Museum – Michael Tsipidis donation / Photographic Mission of Spyros Staveris

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24 April – 30 September 2015 / Museum of Byzantine Culture

Opening: Friday, 24 April 2015, 20.00


“LYNX” Quartet

      (Greta Papa, Eleftherios Adamopoulos, Rosa Terzian, Theodora Sandra Panagiotidou) will play at the opening (Five Greek dances by Nikos Skalkottas)


      Museum of Byzantine Culture (Exhibition room “Eftihia Kourkoutidou-Nikolaidou”/ 2 Stratou Avenue, tel: +30 2313306400)

Opening hours:

      Daily 08.00-20.00


      TMP, Museum of Byzantine Culture, OTE Telecommunications Museum

Concept and curating:

      Alexandra Athanasiadou, Vangelis Ioakimidis

As part of the exhibition series of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography “Glances at the city”

      Τhe exhibition is realized on the occasion of the donation of the

vintage telegraphs


Michael Tsipidis

      to the

OTE Telecommunications Museum

      . There are more than 70 telegraphs presented, mostly of commercial nature, from the different telegraph services seated in Thessaloniki from 1870 to 1956 (the Ottoman Telegraph Service, the Bulgarian Telegraph Service, the Serbian Telegraph Service, the Eastern Telegraph Company (British) and its evolution Cable and Wireless, Cable Telegraph Company (British), the Hellenic Post Telegraph Telephone Company and OTE. In this manner, the viewer has the opportunity to witness a part of the history of Thessaloniki unfolding in just a couple of words, even when these have been censored. These are juxtaposed with current


      taken by

Spyros Staveris

      as part of a commission assigned to him by the

Museum of Photography

      . The images are based on the messages selected from various telegraphs by the photographer, bringing into dialogue images with words: words coming from the past act as springboards for the images of the present, while the scenery – the city of Thessaloniki – remains the same. The collection of Michael Tsipidis includes more than 300 vintage telegraphs and was donated to the OTE Telecommunications Museum in 2012. There is also a short film (5.30”) presenting an interview with Michael Tsipidis. In addition there are four objects showcased by the permanent collection of the OTE Telecommunications Museum. —————————————————————————————-

Michael Tsipidis

      Born in Kalamaria, in Thessaloniki in 1944 to refugees parents originating from the Black Sea. He graduated from the 5th Boys Gymnasium of Thessaloniki in 1962. He studied in the School of Sub-mechanics in Thessaloniki and worked at OTE from 1970 up until his retirement. Ever since his teenage years he was interested in philately and studied in depth the history of the Greek stamp. He is the writer of the three volume catalogue on stamps entitled “HELLAS” and of numerous articles in “FILOTELEIA”, the official magazine of philately in Greece. He is married to Penelope Mavragani and has two children.

Spyros Staveris

    Born in 1952 in Athens, where he now works and lives. Until 1974 he lived in Paris and from then until 1985 he split his life between Paris and Athens, where he then decided on returning to Greece. He studied history in Paris. From 1989 he works as a photographer, chiefly for Greek and foreign press. He has had both group and solo exhibitions. Works of his are presented in various publications on photography and in exhibition catalogs, and belong to private collections and the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. He collaborates with the DESTE Foundation. He is a member of the photography agency “Fosphotos”, and is represented by the Elika Gallery in Athens.