PORTRAIT. Τhe story of a Port (Part Α’)

Location: Old Antliostasio (Dock A’, Port of Thessaloniki) Opening hours: Mo-Fr 15.00-21.00 Co-organization: Thessaloniki Port Authority, TMP Production: TMP Museographic-Construction supervision: Dr. Kyriaki Oudatzi Museography-exhibition curating: Vangelis Ioakimidis Historical research consultant: Vilma Hastaoglou Τhis exhibition sketches a portrait of the port. It presents the numerous and diverse aspects of a vibrant organization which includes place, journey, culture, work, trade and transport. The port transforms, recomposes anew its various uses and develops constantly in harmony with the functions of the city. Thus, the exhibition begins with the chronological reference to the most important points in the port’s history, which gradually intertwines with the history of its managing entity, the Thessaloniki Port Authority. What follow are the chief aspects of the multifaceted portrait of the port symbolized by its six piers. First, it displays place which is gradually transformed and as the port develops and expands, it reshapes the urban landscape of the city. Then, the journey which is irrevocably linked both with sea and port, to move to the section of cultural production as it is now articulated through the museums and organizations active in the port as well as to culture which has been produced by the encountering and interaction of varied ethnic groups through the passage of time. Moving from there, the visitor can follow the change of working conditions to conclude to two of the basic activities of the port: commerce and transport, those which have defined its current position in the Balkans and in the Southeastern Europe. In this manner, by revealing the different aspects of the Port Authority, the viewer can realize the degree that the port activities function in relation to the city. The port changes the landscape, gives perspective to the city on every level – commercial, touristic, cultural. It is the city. Sources: THPA Archive, TMP Archive, Socrates Iordanidis Archive, Yiannis Megas Archive, Municipality of Thessaloniki Archive-Thessaloniki History Centre, General State Archives-Historical Archive of Macedonia, Hellenic National Map Library