Tassos Vrettos in the first “Artist Talks” event at ThMP


The new Artist Talks events, where photographers participating in the Museum’s exhibitions present their work and discuss with the public, launches the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. The first event will take place on Thursday 14th December at 19:00 and is dedicated to photographer Tassos Vrettos. The artist will talk about the work of Wor(th)ship, with which he participates in the group exhibition of the “Shared Sacred Sites”.
Wor(th)ship is a Vrettos’ exploration, launched in 2012 and still in progress, in an unspoiled field of the Greek capital: the places and ways of worshiping different religious and ethnic communities, groups of immigrants and refugees, in the turbulent from the clouds of the 21st century crisis’ Athens. The presentation will examine this multi-annual journey of the creator as well as the cultural, social, photographic issues that have arisen in relation to faith, places of worship, modern Athens itself.
After the presentation, a discussion with the public will follow.
Entrance is free.

About Tassos Vrettos
Tasos Vrettos is a photographer based in Athens. He has numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad, as well as numerous participations in group exhibitions such as in the Benaki Museum, the Palais de Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris, the Arl Photography Festival in France, the Yeni Mosque of Thessaloniki in Faggionato Fine Arts Gallery in London and Gazon Rouge in Athens, Athens Concert Hall, etc. His photographic work has appeared in foreign magazines such as Aperture, Cabinet, Zoom (Italian and international), Creative Camera, Officiel, Jardin des Modes , Janus, etc., as well as in many greek magazines. He has worked with record companies, theatrical and dance groups, as well as in advertising campaigns. The photographic material that emerged from his collaboration with the set designer Dionysis Fotopoulos appeared in the art book Apocalipses (Adam Publications, 1989-1990) and part of Wor(th)ship presented in the Benaki Museum, which was released during the first exhibition of the material in the museum (11/15-1/16).
Tasos Vrettos is the founder of Studio Vrettos:

Artist Talks Tassos Vrettos
Thursday November 14, 2017
Time 19:00
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
Free entrance

*Photo: Tassos Vrettos, Ethiopian Orthodox Church Kidane Miheret, Poligono, Athens. From the series Wor(th)ship, 2015