“Be part of the art”: Selfie contest by ThMP


Their own position will soon have the selfie enthusiasts on the wall of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. In the context of the next exhibition entitled selfimages, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography carries out a selfie contest through its official Facebook page, giving everyone the opportunity to become “part of the art”!
Users can join by uploading their own selfie on the contest’s application (, then invite their online friends to vote. At the end of the competition, the 100 photos with the most likes will be presented at a special spot at the entrance of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography! The selfie contest will run until February 14, 2018 and the winners will see their photos at the ThMP at the end of the same month.
The selfimages exhibition, curated by Natassa Markidou, is a study of the different ways in which contemporary Greek photographers deal with self-portraiture, while about 130 works of 33 Greek artists enter into dialogue with the era of the mass phenomenon of selfie, the photographic self-representation which overwhelms social networks.

*Photo: Katerina Tsakiri, from the series Family Affair, 2014-15

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