Pericles Alkidis in the upcomig “Artist Talks” event at ThMP

Το δέντρο 1960-1991

The Artist Talks events, where photographers participating in the exhibition present their work and discuss with the public, continues at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. The upcoming event will take place on Thursday, April 19, at 19:00 and is dedicated to photographer Pericles Alkidis. The artist will talk about his long-term work with family photography, in which he has carried out the projects Family Portraits” and “Parallel Images”, part of which is presented in the ThMP’s exhibition [selfimages].

The central theme of the work of Pericles Alkidis is that of memory as a subjective interpretation of real events and not as an objective record of them. For more than thirty years, he directs and reviews his family photos in an effort to deconstruct the memory and search for his personal identity and self-perception. Through diptychs and triptychs, he explores the relationships, feelings and history of his family, while indirectly commenting on some important events of our newer history.
After the presentation, a discussion with the public will follow.
Entrance is free to the public.

About Pericles Alkidis
Pericles Alkidis was born and lives in Athens. He studied Electronic and Electrical Engineer and worked in the field of medical equipment. He is best known for his photographic work with the wider title “Family Portraits”, a work of life in progress, a conscious autobiographical exploration of his personal identity. He has presented his work extensively through individual and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He was a member of the Athens Photographic Center.

Artist Talks Pericles Alkidis
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Time 19:00
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
Free entrance

*Photo: Pericles Alkidis, The tree, 1960-1991, From the series “Family Portraits”.