1987 The Greek Museum of Photography starts out with the private initiative of Aris Georgiou, Yiannis Vanidis and Apostolos Maroulis. This is the first time that a photographic collection is composed, constituting the nucleus for the founding of a future Museum of Contemporary Photography.

1988 Aris Georgiou sets up an annual international photography festival entitled Photosynkyria in Thessaloniki. The festival will later be integrated at the Museum of Photography (in 2000). Up until 2006 the International festival was realized from February-April, encompassing 30 exhibitions. In 2008 the festival evolved into a Photobiennale; from now on it occurs in April and May, it has a different structure and periodicity.

1995 The Organization Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Greece having as its goal to found a Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki proceeds in forming an Advisory Committee chaired by Giorgos Katsaggelos.

1997 The Museum of Photography Thessaloniki is founded by law (2557/97). The Museum is administered by a Director, assigned by the Minister of Culture with a four year tenure of office and is supervised by a five member Supervisory Committee.

1998 Its first director is Aris Georgiou.

2001 The Museum of Photography Thessaloniki is seated at the first floor of Warehouse A at the Port of Thessaloniki and according to a specific moderation of the law 2947/ 2001 has an autonomous economic and organizational status.

2003 Kostis Antoniadis is assigned as its second director.

2005 The administration of the Museum is assigned to Vangelis Ioakimidis.