Photography in the Spanish Civil War and the European Resistance 1936-1945 / 18 October 2008

Hall Karagiorgas II / Panteion University in Athens / Athens

Co-organization Research Centre of Contemporary History – Department of Political Science and History of the Panteion University                                                                                   Participant speakers Francisco Marco Viciano, professor of philosophy at the University of Castellόn (Spain), photographer, Adolfo Mignemi, history professor at the Albertina delle BelleArti Academy in Turin, (Italy), Dr. Markovic Pedrag, historian, researcher at the Institute of Modern History in Belgrade (Serbia), Nicolas Sanchez-Dura, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Valencia (Spain), Dr. Heather Williams, historian (U.K), Dr. Nina Kassianou, photography historian, curator, Prokopis Papastratis, Professor of history at Panteion University of Athens

Οn the occasion of the exhibition “Spyros Meletzis, The Resistance in the Mountains, 1942-1944″, the Research Centre of Contemporary History – Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University organizes a colloquium under the title: “Photography in the Spanish civil war and the European Resistance 1936- 1945”. The participants are academics and researchers from the U.K, Serbia, Greece, Italy and Spain.