Camellini Massimiliano (1964 – )

Camellini Massimiliano was born in Venice but currently lives near Reggio Emilia (Italy). In the 1990s, he began to work on research photography, influenced by his interest in reportage. In 2001 he started to develop projects based on series of works dedicated to universal themes. The first series of these works dedicated to the instincts and dreams of mankind, derives from a combined study of history, literature and myths and includes the works “Beyond the Cages” (2001), “The Flyers” (2004), “Duel” (2006), “New Arenas” (2009), “Laboratory Obsession” (2010), “6 p.m., The Working Time is Over” (2012).
His new project “fragments in time” initiated in 2008, aims to identify space-time relations in the contemporary cities, in the framework of an anthropological research on the evolution of the urban spaces; Tram Frame is the first work of this series.
During his course, Massimiliano Camellini received great help by important artists and photography curators, including Vasco Ascolini, Charles-Henri Favrod, Jean Arrouye, Enrica Viganò, Georges Vercheval, Mara Granzotto, Manuela De Leonardis.
He has given many lectures on photography and has organized photography courses and research projects on photographic composition for children. He has also curated the photographic sections of editorial theatrical works and has developed photographic research based on theatre performances.
His works are included in numerous permanent collections of museums of contemporary art and photography worldwide and are subject to many publications. He cooperates with the cinema magazine “Rifrazioni, dal cinema all’oltre”, Bologna (Italy).