Kakarouhas Haris

Haris Kakarouhas was born in Athens and studied Cartography at the University of Salonika and Color theory and visual perception at the University of Glasgow (M.Sc). He also holds a Ph.D degree in Photography from the University of Derby (title of thesis: ‘Prosopography’ Mapping the self). He studied different aspects of art therapy in Voicing Institute, Puna multiversity, as well as others practices of physical psychotherapy.

His photographic work has been published in several magazines in Greece and abroad. In 1997, Photohoros publications published his photographic book “On the timelines” and in 2003 Apeiron publications published his book “Suspended time A Cuban portrait”. The same book was published by Dewi Lewis Publishing (U.K), Peliti Associati (Italy), Edition Braus (Germany), Actes Sud (France) and Lunwerg Editiones (Spain). The same book won the “Milos” Prize 2004, as the art-book of the year in Greece. In 2003, he won the European Publishers Award for photography and the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize 2003 – runner up. Part of his work is found in museums’ and private collections. He organizes photographic workshops.