Cunliffe Cathy

She was born in England and spent her childhood on the Greek island of Hydra. She studied Communication at the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK), Social Anthropology at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris) and Photography at Goldsmiths College (London). Following her studies, she lived between London and Paris, working as a photographer for the Pompidou Centre (Paris) and then for Magnum Photos (at the exhibitions’ department), for Rober Delpire (Photo Poche publications) and as an assistant to photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. In 2003 she moved to Athens to work as a photographer for the Athens 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games.She is currently based in Athens with regular hops to London and Paris where she works with an international clientele. Recent publications of hers include Conde Nast Traveller, Frame, House & Garden, Interni, Vogue Casa & Wallpaper.