Εvolving Towards the Extreme


20 November – 12 December 2009 / Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
18 December 2009 – 20 February 2010 / Katsigra Building-Medicine Department of University of Thessalia, Larissa

Exhibition designed by: Elina Dallas
Organization: TMP, in co-operation with “Mindwork Business Solutions”, with the support of “La Roche” pharmaceutical company

The three artists, Georgios Makkas, Marilena Stafylidou and Kostis Velonis, came face to face with rheumatoid arthritis. Each interpreted it from their own perspective and approach to photography. Makkas’s coloured dynamic portraits, where the difference between the diseased and the healthy emerges solely through the text accompanying each picture. The plasticity in the style adopted by Stafylidou, who focuses on faces, extremities and their movements. The abstract concepts in the collages of Velonis, who uses the medium not to describe what he observes, in its usual sense, but as the last layer of a composition, where the hard core, the true essence and existence of things are made evident. These are the elements that make up this exhibition.