Presentation of the exhibition catalog “Another life: Human flows / Unknown Odysseys”

Another Life Cover FF.indd

Γιάννης Κολεσίδης / Yannis Kolesidis

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is glad to inform you that the exhibition catalog “Another Life: Human flows / Unknown Odysseys” will be presented on Wednesday, December 14 at 18:30. The exhibition presents more than 160 works of 26 photographers – most of them active photojournalists – who presented with their personal point of view the dramatic human adventure, which started in the troubled land of other countries to be transposed into Greek territory.


• Associate Professor of Law AUTH and Chairman of the Board of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Andreas Takis.
• The Director of Municipal Information Society, Performing and Communication, journalist Filios Stagos.
• The co-curator and co-author of the publication, theorist and curator of photography, Penelope Petsini.
• The photojournalist Dimitris Tosidis, part of the job of which is shown in this exhibition and publication.

All the profits from the sale will support the infrastructure and activities of the 67th Thessaloniki Elementary School, which, by setting up a student refugee reception class, sets a positive example of cohabitation.