The collections and the archives of the Museum of Photography Thessaloniki consist of more than 100.000 photographic objects. Its archives cover the period from 1890-1980 and include works by Socrates Iordanidis, Yiannis Stylianou, Dimitris Letsios and part of the archives of Costas Balafas and Nelly’s, while the museum also functions as a depository for the Greek part of the Fred Boissonnas archive which belongs to the Hellenic Culture Organization.
Its collection, based on donations and purchases, cover a period from 1970 till today and include more than 4.000 photographic works by 280 artists from Greece and abroad. The digitization of the Museum’s photographic collection and archives was realized on a systematic basis with the financial aid of the program “Society of Information”, (3rd Community Support Framework 2000-2006). As part of this program, the whole of its permanent collection was digitized as well as part of its archives.