Kernan Sean (1942 – )

Sean Kernan is a photographer, writer and teacher. He came to photography through theatre and is the author of two monographs, The Secret Books (with Jorge Luis Borges) and Among Trees. He has held exhibitions at galleries and museums in France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Egypt and in the US. His photos have been published in numerous world known magazines, such as the New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, Polyrama(Switzerland), Photo World(China), as well as magazines in Iran, Greece, Italy and Switzerland, and has done a wide range of advertizing work for clients such as AT&T, Amex, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Dow Jones, Harvard, and Knoll. He has taught and lectured in many well known universities and colleges, such us the New School/Parsons, Maine Media Workshops and Santa Fe Workshops and Art Center(Pasadena), and has won numerous awards, the most recent being from Center in Santa Fe for teaching, as well as a Doctorate(HC) from Art Center in Pasadena. He writes about creativity, the arts and commerce. 15930_26930_KERN02