Vanidis Giannis (1944 – )

Born in Kozani, Greece, he lives in Thesaloniki since 1969. He is a self-taught amateur photographer. He has held five solo exhibitions and taken part in several group ones, while he has published two monograms concerning the Historical Archive of Kozani. He has worked as a curator for the journal “Photography” and in 1979 he founded the Fotothiki of Thessaloniki. In 1983, he co-founded with Aris Georgiou and Apostolos Maroulis the PARALLAXIS, a foundation for the promotion of creative photography, and two years later they organized together the first month of photography in Greece. In 1987, they founded the Greek Museum of Photography, the core of the later Museum of Photography of Thessalonki. He has published the album “Vertical Landscapes”.

βανίδης - vanidis